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Sharon is the best Colorist in Los Angeles! Period! She was able to fix the problem I was having with my hair color that so many other hair dressers were not able to solve. Here is an excerpt from the thank you note that I just sent her: "Hi Sharon, You worked on, and corrected, my orange-blonde hair this past week. Rarely, have I been able to look in the mirror after I leave the salon, and feel so good about my hair. You are an artist, and a genius. YOU DID IT! On the first visit! Thank you so much! “ For those of you looking for the best in hair service, I highly recommend Sharon. BT

The My Bella Color Studio is amazing!!! I was looking on some web sites trying to find a place that can actually do great highlights without overpricing their customers. I came across My Bella Color looking at pictures and thought WOW this person does awesome highlights and was sad 'cause I thought it was for celebrities only until I saw the number below... I was soooo happy, of course I called and scheduled my first appointment and had been a customer ever since!!!=) PW

I absolutely love this place! I have finally found a hair colorist and stylist who is amazing, Sai and Sharon have such talent and passion for their work, and give such attention to detail! I have never seen this type of attention and detail at other salons. They are fun and very friendly. The super cute decorated salon makes for a pleasant, relaxed and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend! You won't be disappointed! GR


Sharon’s work is brilliant! I am so grateful I’ve found her! I’ve previously been to a few well known Beverly Hills salons, leaving with unsatisfactory results lacking quality. Sharon took the time to ‘examine’ my hair as well as to clearly understand the results I desired. My hair has never looked better. I am getting tons of compliments! The quality of Sharon’s work is of the highest level. The studio’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Could not have had a better experience anywhere! I am now a very Devoted Client - KT

You can stop shopping for the perfect colorist. She's right here and a true artist. I've had nothing but rave reviews of my hair since I've been going to the "My Bella Color Studio". Not only from friends, but PERFECT STRANGERS... I've been stopped in malls, car washes, drive-through, clubs, parties, restaurants, make-up counters, and once on Sunset Blvd, a car full of women yelled as they were driving by "We love your hair!" I also have long hair-STILL, and it's in beautiful condition thanks to "My Bella Color". Just recently tried a much anticipated change to my hair color... I don't know what I'd do without My Bella. They actually LISTEN to my wants and needs for my hair. Truly brilliant results!!!!!!! And it's such a bonus that I never feel rushed, and get such a welcome feeling from one of the FINEST colorists Los Angeles will EVER know. No fast food hair here, girls. Don't wake me up, My Bella Color is my dream salon. I welcome you to experience it first hand. Thank you Sharon! LP

I found the My Bella Color Studio when trying to find a local place to just freshen up my stressed out tresses. I have to say this is one of those rare places where you get a friendly staff who are actually attentive to their customers. Sai did a killer job with weaving shimmers of coppery red into my hair which is perfect for the fall/winter season. I know I will be back to see her for the seasons to come because she is one of the few, actually the only stylist I know here who is not afraid to color very long and thick hair. Thank you! MS

I had my hair colored by several Colorists because I was trying to get it even. I had bands that were horizontal going through my one length hair and no one seemed to know how to get rid of the bands. I had thought, "How hard can it be?!", and I attempted to color my hair myself, but the bands were still there! So, I began my search to find local hair color correction specialists and when I came across the My Bella Color Studio I decided to have my hair done by Grace, but I asked if the owner, Sharon, would help. And help she did! She figured out why the bands were not going away, and she formulated three different colors to be applied by Grace under her instruction! And - guess what happened?! NO MORE BANDS! So, if any other Clients out there have odd colors appearing in their hair and have tried to seek a Colorist who can help, and has had no success, then I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU END YOUR SEARCH and GO in to the My Bella Color Studio! JF

I first met Sharon as a Hair Model for one of her Educational Seminars. My hair was black and brown and my roots were light brown from another Stylist attempting to lighten my hair. I was the “corrective color” model – and so, I thought… and let me tell you!! Sharon did an amazing job! So amazing that these other Stylists could not even believe that she was able to do what she was doing. Not only did I receive an excellent color correction – from dark brown and black with light roots – to a gorgeous honey blonde with highlights – but Sharon DOES know what she is doing. After the color was completed, the Stylists were like paparazzi’s taking pictures. They were in AWE! From that day forward, I am a Client of Sharon’s. I always ask her for the latest hair color “miracle” story because I lived it and I know she is creating miracles every day she colors hair. I can not say enough! I can tell you that Sharon is a true artist, a technical perfectionist and a true professional. She defines by living testimony what it really means to be called a MASTER COLORIST! If you need hair color correction, then do not hesitate to contact Sharon at the My Bella Color Studio. She will create a miracle for you too! Much love and thanks! CL

I recently went in the Studio to have my Sai color my hair for me, and well, what I wanted was something really different! I wanted some blue put into my darker brown hair, but I wanted it too look almost natural-like. Sai took the time to explain to me how she would first have to color the hair, and place the highlights in it, and then she would color the highlights blue. Now, here's the catch - I'm a GUY! And well, Sai made me feel so comfortable, although I had dye all over my head with foils in my long hair! But - I not only received exactly what I wanted, but Sai treated me so well too! Thank you Sai, you are so kind, and so very good at what you do. I'll be back for sure! JD

I had been dying my hair from a bottle for years. I went to a different salon to get highlights. By the end of it I looked like a Calico Cat!! A friend of mine referred me to Sharon and she took out all of the weird bars of color that had formed. Sharon created a really beautiful combination of hair colors for me! It was way higher quality than I was expecting! Since then I have had Sharon take my hair every color you could imagine with the most flawless results. There is a reason why she was written up as Elle's best of the best. Thank you Sharon. You truly are the best!!! :) JP


When I arrived as a new Client to the My Bella Color Studio I went in armed with photos. I met Sharon, and we sat down at a long table in her studio and refined what I wanted. After spending close to a half hour talking about the desired look, we began. Throughout the process, she didn't pass me on to an assistant or work on many other clients at the same time. That conveyed the message that as a Client, I was valued, and my time was valued as well. While my color was developing, I was able to relax on a couch and read-- as I would at home. I found this relaxed atmosphere and lack to hustle and bustle refreshing and enjoyable. I also loved the results; I went from total blonde to blonde and red. Depending on how I style it, I can look blonder or redder. The versatility is great. The cut was exactly what I wanted! Ever see a girl with stripes in her hair? That's a bad weave. With what Sharon does, take any 20 strands of hair and see a thorough mixture. My overall strawberry blonde is a result of interwoven blonde and darker red. The dimension is incredible and no thick stripes. Most people weave in a line and start at the top of the head and go down. How can that be right for every person? Sharon parted my hair as I would wear it and deliberately placed the foils so that my side swept bangs with blonde and red layers were deliberately created. That takes time, yes, but I saw the ARTISTRY in what she did. Also, because her price was more than I was used to she weaved me so that I could go longer between visits. I did fade to multi-dimensional blonde by the end of 2 months, and I was happy with that look too. Sharon's willingness to consult and refine the vision as well as the Studio atmosphere, the value of the Client, and overall results make her well worth the money. Highly recommended! Enjoy! SR

Sai, Thank you so very much for helping me with my hair color and cut! I arrived to Sai, as a first time client and I had really bad hair color and I was desperate and so nervous! HOWEVER, Sai came to my rescue and created an entirely new head of hair color and cut for me. It's exactly what I wanted! It's gorgeous! AND, I finally am getting compliments on my hair color! For anyone who needs hair color help - the My Bella Color Studio IS the place to go! I highly recommend it! Thank you again! I'll be back! KF

I had just moved to Burbank and was worried that I wasn't going to find a good hair stylist. Sharon proved me wrong, the very second I walked in and saw her dining table in the middle of her shop I felt right at home. I've been going to her for the past 2 years and she keeps track of the exact color she used for the next time, so I don't have to worry about getting a different color the next time I go to her, unless I request it. If you are looking to make a change or just get the right color to match your eyes, My Bella Color is the place! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! CW

got my haircut at a really high profile salon in Beverly Hills last year and paid a fortune. It was the best cut I'd ever gotten. But who can afford to pay that much every time they need a haircut?! I got referred to Grace by a friend and Grace did an EVEN BETTER JOB than the Salon in B.H. It was better and affordable! No one else will ever touch my hair ever again. Thanks Grace! BP


If you want your hair to be ART! To have  people stopping you on the street because  your hair is so colorful, shiny and gorgeous, then go to the My Bella Color Studio! I've been a client for years and I am never let me down. They create beautiful blondes and reds that last forever. Sharon's special talent is duplicating what you want even if you didn't know how to say it. Fantastic color! Great place! Awesome People!!! LP

Thank you Sai, for taking the time to place so many foils into my thick long brown hair! This new color looks exactly like my grade school picture! I can't believe you did it! And, covered my "gray" too! While I had been going to a Stylist and Colorist regularly in Beverly Hills for years, I was afraid to try someone new. But YOU not only stood up for the "test", but you and the others at the My Bella Color Studio take the cake! I had fun! My hair makes me look 35 years younger! Thank you again! Much Love, SN

I have asked for ash blonde for years and almost always by hair color was too ash, or too dark, or too dish-watery looking. I then came across the My Bella Color Studio web site and found the perfect sample of the ash blonde that I wanted. After having my hair colored by Grace at the Studio my hair is now the perfect color of ash blonde! Who would have thought that I could get my hair color done perfectly without having to leave Burbank?! I had traveled as far as Long Beach and Beverly Hills, but... now I am less than one mile away from the best Hair Coloring Salon in all of the southern California area! And if you aren't local, it is well worth the drive to have the hair color you want! Thank you Grace! You rock! PD

Love the atmosphere setting, the place really defines the owner, very outgoing, energetic and listens to what YOU want done. Sharon & Sai are friendly, wonderful and they give great haircuts, highlights and styling is AMAZING! My first time to go all out for a new style, I'm glad I listened to my sister. I went from solid jet black hair, that was straight and had no body, to a masterpiece! Sharon created lots of volume and soft color of highlights and side-swept bangs that I dreamt of! I so love it and will definitely be going back! Thank you so much for the wonderful new look. I look forward to returning and I am coming all the way from Northern California! ! You are definitely worth the trip! Thank you so much! HB

After reading the many positive reviews about this salon I decided to give it a try. I chose Sai to color correct my hair disaster that a very well known "blonde colorist to the stars" did to me. Sai sat down with me for at least 30 minutes to discuss the blonde color I was looking to achieve and how she was planning to correct the previous damage that had been done to my hair. Sai was an excellent listener and communicator and very knowledgeable about color. I was very impressed with her upbeat and positive personality which made me feel that much more comfortable! The color and cut turned out gorgeous and exactly as she said it would. Her prices were more than fair and the salon was very clean and warm. Nobody could go wrong with Sai or this salon. It was a great experience and I get compliments on my color and cut more than I ever did before. Sai is absolutely the best! Thank you Sai! JC

I have naturally black hair and since I was a child wanted to have blond hair. I saw others who tried to change their hair from very dark to blond and it always looked horrible to me. Either really brassy or extremely damaged. Never in a million years did I think I would ever have the hair that I have now!!! I am blond (a beautiful color blond) and HEALTHY haired:) Sharon is a miracle worker!!! When I say I can't live without the My Bella Color  Studio I really mean it. I live in the Marina and hate to drive past Lincoln usually due to traffic but I don't blink twice at driving all the way to Burbank to get to my hair appointments. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly yet professional. Sharon and her Staff are wonderful and always go above and beyond to make me happy. I will always be loyal and thankful that I found My Bella Color. I couldn't recommend it more. I give them a 100 on a 1 to 10 scale:) You must try. AB


Intimate, professional and talented! You don't feel uncomfortable going into this salon - it is not an uptight-we're-to-good-for-you salon! I am middle-aged and overweight - far from the "young and trendy" hipsters that come here, too. But I felt like part of the family and very welcomed. I will definitely come back here. GL

Geniuses with color and very intuitive with giving you the cut you want. Easy access in Burbank and groovy digs, make this the savviest and most friendly salon in the valley. Plus, these ladies have serious chair side manners and are good for a girlie chat while your color is setting. Bella! CH

I have spent years experimenting with hair colorists and hair colors and have never been really satisfied. Not until I had Sharon do my hair and color. She really is the best! She just looks at your skin tone and your face and envisions the exact right color. She will go over it with first, of course. She does not have the arrogance you so often find with expert stylists. She listens and consults with you, striving to make you look your best. And her haircuts are tops, too. A pro from start to finish. Thank you Sharon! JF

Oh, Sai! Not only did you save my hair! But you saved me hours of blow drying and flat ironing! Truth be known, since I have received the BKT from you, I rarely need my flat iron! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me how the BKT works! And thank you for making certain every single hair on my head was handled with such thoroughness! Whenever I see someone with frizzy hair all I want to do is to give them your card! I thank you so much! And, I'll be back for maintenance! Love, BR

I walked in one lazy Saturday morning for my appointment to spruce up my lackluster locks. I had dyed my long, extremely thick hair on my own about a month ago, with less than desirable results--my faded, patchy red hair was, frankly, pathetic. After reading a glowing review of Grace, I was delighted that she was to be my hair stylist--I had confidence that she could not only fix my inch-long roots of dark brown, but recolor my entire head (no easy project!). I explained sheepishly that it took four boxes of dye to color it myself, but she was unshaken, and ready to dive in. After showing her a picture of what I had in mind for my unruly curls, she made sure she knew exaccttttly what I wanted, to the very glint of highlight, for my own hair. I sat down in front of the enormous mirror and felt confident that Grace would do me no wrong. She quickly mixed two colors, one for darker spots, another for lighter. She knew exactly what she was doing, and calmly proceeded to cover every inch of my head with color. What could have felt like hours (since it DID take hours to cover my many layers of tresses) flew by, as we chatted away...not only was she an expert stylist, but her charming conversation (and that of the other stylists as well) made it a truly pleasurable experience! After an hour of processing time, to make sure every strand received its due, Sai, another fantastic stylist with an edgy, platinum cut, rinsed out the dye and told me how fantastic it looked. She wasn't kidding. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe how perfect the color was! It was JUST what I had envisioned. Grace really did an outstanding job. But what really made it incredible was her styling! She did an amazing job flat ironing, curling the ends under to create a picture-perfect blow dryed look. Never before have I been so satisfied with my look coming out of a salon. Thanks to the entire staff at My Bella! I will be returning; you have earned a new customer! MR

Sharon and Grace at the My Bella Color Studio are two of the most gifted hairstylists I've had the pleasure of meeting. Grace does my hair now and I love it every time. She is fantastic about making sure the cut works for me and is totally honest about the best cut and color for my face shape. I get compliments about my hair wherever I go. The hallmark of a great cut is that it grows out well and easily, and mine do every time. Plus the shop is artistic, eclectic, and fun; you feel right at home. Totally unpretentious, a breath of fresh air around here! JM


I truly see why everyone raves about this place. My hair used to always be extremely damaged when I got it done. Well not at this amazing establishment. I am not the easiest person to please, and I must I was very impressed with my hair color here at the My Bella Color Studio. Previously I was told by other top notch salons, that because of the colors I wanted in my hair, that there will always be a lot of damage. All I ever wanted were a couple different blond shades. My Bella Color must use pixie dust, since other salons said it couldn't be done without so much damage. It is obvious why My Bella Color Studio has so many thank you letters on the wall from celebrities and other high end clientele. . Much thanks to Sharon and her talented staff! I'm very pleased to be a Client! BT

When I lived on the east coast, I was looking around online and came across a few amazing pictures of contrasted highlights that I found on the original My Bella Color web site. I brought these pictures to my stylist and while she did a so-so job of replicating the style the few times she did it, it was never quite right. Years later, I finally showed up at the My Bella Color Studio! Not only did Sai create an interesting and versatile pattern out of the colors we chose (platinum and black cherry), but she found years of coloring mistakes in my hair - to the point where holding a chunk of it up to the light would reveal something that could only accurately be described as leopard print checkerboard. She explained to me how my hair ended up in this condition, through years of going to multiple stylists who were merely piling color on top of my existing color without understanding what lay beneath, how the colors mix, and how they fade over time to create new colors. To do this level of color correction, I'm not joking when I say she almost had to dye each section of each piece of hair individually. Sai spent five hours that day foiling my hair to fix it, her longest, most meticulous foil job to date. After she finished, it was perfect. It grows out beautifully, and even the root growth ends up looking cool. And now that she's fixed it, it takes 80% less time to replicate the results because she's revisiting her own work. I am never letting anyone else but Sai even THINK about touching my hair again. :) HW

WOW! At the My Bella Color Studio, Colorist/Stylist Sai gave me the most incredible, adventurous, FABULOUS look of my life! She is not a hairdresser, she is an Artist of the highest order! I went here because of the exemplary reviews I read, and because it was four-week-root-growth time. I'm in my 40s but a performer, and I'd been frustrated with the "soccer mom" look, especially since I'm single and childless. It seems everyone my age has anchorwoman hair that's a little too long and a little too bleached. I'd kind of thought about red, but didn't want to veer back into my natural boring dark-ish hair. Plus, I am pitching a new television project, and was feeling sensitive about my age, and looking like a has-been. Well, Sai fixed all THAT! She sat down with me at a table, and showed me many variations I had never imagined, through magazine pictures, for 30 minutes. I had never had anyone do this in a hair salon -- and get this -- she even mentioned cost-effectiveness for various suggestions. Usually, I feel like I'm getting highlighted and low lighted into debt. I decided on something really daring -- dark red underneath, with fabulous blonde-to-platinum shades on the top layers. She called it a convertible hairstyle, because every way I part it or put it up, it looks different. Well, wow. Soccer mom no more. I look edgy, hip, daring, and plus, not only does the red color make my blue eyes pop, I'm still a blonde! I went out that night and strangers approached me, men tried to pick me up (did I mention I'm middle-aged??) and everyone wanted to know where I'd gone to get this great look. To add to all this, for a very intricate highlighting job with a ton of foils, I spent less than I have in years on a single salon visit. I feel very confident because of this hair color, and I am absolutely thrilled! The best part was that Sai was very good at evaluating my comfort level -- she could see what I wanted but might have given other clients more conservative options. JV


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