About Educator Sharon Sovinski

My name is Sharon Sovinski and I'd like to introduce how I ended up becoming a Master Hair Colorist, Celebrity Stylist, Author and Owner of My Bella Color.

First and foremost it is my love of the Arts of Coloring Hair and Cutting Hair that drive me to share all that I know.

It is my goal that you become familiar with me so that we can begin a healthy relationship - Artist to Artist.

After completing High School in 1983 I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio for one year. While attending Art School I studied Color Concept and 3-Dimensional Design in-depth. I also began coloring and cutting hair for extra money so I could purchase paint brushes, canvases and art supplies. Little did I know I was creating a new future for myself as a Hair Colorist and would one day gain National and International recognition for my artistic Hair Coloring and Hair Cutting results.

In 1984, I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In Fort Lauderdale I attended the local beauty school to become a Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Florida. During this time I had become very good at hair designing as my passion for hair coloring took root.

Havining vacationed in Fort Lauderdale my parents and I had become acquainted with Jesse and Flo Briggs, the owners of the world-renowned Hair Salon, the Yellow Strawberry, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My Father arranged a meeting with Jesse and Flo to discuss my future understudies and employment as a newly licensed Cosmetologist. Jesse and Flo agreed to take me on as Flo's Hair Color apprentice.

In June of 1985 I began a one year apprenticeship under world-renowned Hair Colorist Flo Briggs. Jesse would come to beging a hair cutting mentor as he was the one to teach me how to cut a "straight line" in creating an undercut, wedged bob hair cut. Precision became my priority as Flo and Jesse only tolerated excellent results in any service offered in their salon.

As a Hair Colorist/Stylist at the Yellow Strawberry Hair Salon, I also became part of the newly developed "Hair Color USA" Hair Shows. It was Jesse and Flo and several other leaders in the Hair Coloring Industry that began the well known, "Hair Color USA" Hair Shows.

As a Stage Artist, I performed on stage when Hair Color USA was first presented at the Fountainebleu Hotel, in Miami, Florida.

In October 1986, I left the Yellow Strawberry and continued my Hair Coloring Career in other upscale hair salons located in Fort Lauderdale.

In 1993 I decided to head west to sunny, southern California! I arrived in Hollywood, CA in October, 1993.

In 1994, I opened my first Hair Coloring Studio in Hollywood. I named it "Artopia" as it was a combination of a Hair Coloring Studio and Art Gallery.

Owning Artopia in the heart of Hollywood, CA opened the doors to servicing celebrities. One of my Clients at that time was extremely talented female musician kindred-spirited, brilliant musician, world-reknowned singer and songwriter Beth Hart. It as for Beth Hart that I first designed the original multi-color hair coloring foil work (which later became my first educational hair coloring video - Panels & Chunks).

Despite the expansion of my Clientelle, in 1995 I chose to close Artopia and pursue a position as a program manager at a reknowned marketing firm located in Calabasas California. It was at the marketing firm where I learned all about computers, the world wide web, online marketing, and computer technology.

It quickly adapted to the Marketing world. I loved it! And, little did I know that the computer, internet and marketing knowledge I gained would one day play a very vital part of my Hair Coloring Career expansion! This knowledge and experience become the solid foundation of my creating and developing the MyBellaColor.com and MyBellaColorStudio.com websites. My training in Internet techology has enabled me to offer online education and training for Hair Professionals and education and hair services for Hair Clients.

In 1996 I decided to leave the marketing firm and work for a very reputable Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.

Upon entering the "private chambers" of the highly competitive "Beverly Hills" hair coloring industry I was told by the Salon Manager that I had to change my name! Although I firmly voiced that I was writing educational materials regarding hair services, I was advised that I had to change my name immediately. After several weeks, I gave-in and changed my name to "Zoey".

My working outside of the box, continuing to create original Hair Coloring concepts created problems for the systematic hair service being offered in Beverly Hills. At that time, most every single Hair Color Client was receiving a one-process base color with bleached highlights. One-for-one, every woman looked the exact same. And, yet, there I was doing something "very different" with the foils! It wasn't "long" before I was told that my Hair Coloring foil work was "too original", and that I should "go to Melrose" (the more artsy side of town). I, again, not wanting to compromise my right to artistic license and freedom of expression, I left Beverly Hills... and my very loyal Hair Color Clients followed!

In 1996 I opened my next Salon - "Ciao Bella" - on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood, CA. I created a unique, very private, artistic Hair Coloring Studio! One that had no sign; just word-of-mouth. As an Artist I adored having my own safe, creative venue in which I could service Clients with original, custom hair coloring and hair cutting techniques.

By word-of-mouth alone, I was receiving at least 5 new Hair Color Clients per week! My Hair Color Clientele was continuing to rapidly expand! Within the private and relaxed atmosphere that Ciao Bella provided, I was able to freely create the multi-color hair color. I had made the correct choice by creating "Ciao Bella"; Artistically, I was free to create!

Within 3 years after opening "Ciao Bella", I was contacted by Elle Magazine and I was asked to be included amongst the "Top Ten Masters of Makeovers" in the December, 2000 Edition of Elle Magazine. The word-of-mouth had spread as far and wide as to land me an editorial in Elle!

I proudly accepted.

After being featured in ELLE magazine I decided I had to share my hair coloring success with other Licensed Cosmetologists and Cosmetology Students. I then created what would be one of the first DVDs in the Beauty Industry. The educational, bilingual, Hair Coloring video/DVD - "Panels & Chunks" was a success! For Fellow Artists, I was able to share my original foiling technique and Hair Color marketing experience with other Licensed Cosmetologists and Cosmetology Students. I created the DVD so that hair colorists could have success in their hair coloring careers by understanding how to create multi-color hair color results.

I was amongst the first to have a DVD within the Hair Coloring Industry. After 2 years in the making, I had created one of the first 5 DVDs available in the Beauty Industry. (To this day, the loops I had to jump through to get the DVD from concept to reality make me remember how far the computer technology has grown.)

To sell the "Panels & Chunks" DVD I launched the second version of the My Bella Color website in 2003.


In 2003 I was asked by an Italian Hair Color manufacturer, and owner of the Polverini Beauty School, Maurizio Polverini, to arrive in Florence, Italy to study his hair color line, and appear as his Guest Star at the Florence Hair Show using Polverini hair color line.

In 2004 I was asked to present the My Bella Color DVD at the Puerto Rico hair show. Again, I enthusiastically accepted and added the Spanish version to the "Panels & Chunks" DVD.

IN 2005, after being at "Ciao Bella" for 9 years, I decided it was time to leave Ciao Bella and open the My Bella Color Studio in Burbank, CA.

I decided it was time to EXPAND into the Public Eye! I decided to secure a larger space near the major motion film Studios in Burbank, CA, so I could be in the heart of the Film Industry and expand my Hair Coloring Service and Educational facilities around other creative professionals.

The larger space would also enable me to offer in-house educational hair coloring seminars. The educational hair coloring seminars emerged from a need expressed by Hair Stylists emailing me from the My Bella Color website.

I secured the lease of a larger space in the heart of the Burbank Media District in February 2005.

After 4 months of construction I opened the all new - My Bella Color Studio.

After opening the My Bella Color Studio I again was asked by another leading Fashion Magazine - "W", to be included amongst the "Top Trend Setting Salons". Again, I proudly accepted.

For the year and a half following the opening the My Bella Color Studio I continued to maintain the salon expansion, sales of the DVD, and personally handled all email inquiries coming in from the original My Bella Color site.  I called this time my “grass roots movement” because I was personally writing/responding to hundreds of Hair Colorists, Stylists and Hair Color Clients from around the world that were seeking professional hair color help and/or assistance.


To streamline helping thousands of Hair Clients and Hair Professionals from around the world, I made available the hundreds of custom educational products I created to help Hair Professionals the help they need through an extensive educational library available online at MyBellaColor.com. MyBellaColor also offers hundreds of educational products to the Hair Clients to help educate them so that they too can have multi-color hair coloing work. The "Panels & Chunks" video documents the multi-color hair coloring technique, and custom foiling application used to create Panels & Chunks. During the video I share stories about how Hair Professionals can also achieve an ever-increasing Hair Clientele through custom hair color. In the DVD I also share secrets on what it takes to gain world renowned recognition as a Master Hair Colorist.

In 2009 I made Hair Cutting and Hair Coloring videos available to to the mass public for free on the original MyBellaColorStudio youtube channel.

To this day, Sharon has never stopped loving Creating the Beauty and the Magic! Whether it be for the Hair Client that sits in her Hair Chair; or the Hair Professional who is interested in advancing their knowledge, techniques and application skills of the Arts of Hair Cutting and/or Hair Coloring;  Sharon Sovinski is just a phone call away!

Feel free to plan ahead, Clients have been known to need to fly in for the Hair Color Correction and Specialty work that Sharon so graciously continous to perform.

Contact Sharon for more info!