Hair Services offered by Hair Artist, Sharon Sovinski

From designing Hair Cuts to extreme Hair Color Correction, Celebrity Hair Artist, Sharon Sovinski, has the knowledge, customized techniques and applications, to help bring you much happiness with your hair needs.

Custom Designed Hair Cut west Palm Beach FL
Custom Designed Hair Cuts

Recognized World-Wide as "Top Trendsetting Salon" by W Magazine, Celebrity Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski knows exactly how to handle all types of growth patterns and hair textures. If a Client has never been in-love with the shape of her hair, then it is a MUST to receive a custom Hair Shaping by Celebrity Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski.

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Angled Bob Hair Cut west Palm Beach FL
Extreme Angles - Hair Shapes

With a background in Art and knowledge of 2 & 3 dimensional design, Celebrity Hair Stylist, Sharon Sovinski can create a perfect A-Lined / Angled Hair Cut for you! Millions of YouTube viewers can not be wrong!

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Hair Color consultation
Hair Color Consultation

Prior to each Hair Color Service performed by Master Hair Colorist, Sharon Sovinski, a very thorough Hair Color Consultation is given. During the consultation a complete Hair Coloring and Medical History is taken. Two additional aspects are also detailed during the consultation; How often does the Hair Client want her hair to be colored and how much money she wants to spend. Many factors are taken into account and come into play when successfully helping a Client select a new Hair Color.

"Helping a Client achieve what she wants is my goal as an Artist. During the Consultation the vision comes to life. If I don't see it, then we aren't done with the consultation. Once the Client and I mutually agree, then, and only then, it's time to start working my Magic!", Sharon Sovinski.

All about the 30 minute consultation.

Custom Hair Color
Custom Hair Color Formulating

Whether it be a Hair Color formula needed to blend in your regrowth or a combination of multiple colors to correct Hair Color, Master Hair Colorist, Sharon Sovinski, mixes each, individual, hair color to suit the exact requirements needed to establish amazing, multi-color hair coloring results.

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Multi color hair color
Multi-Color Hair Coloring

Plain and simple, look around! Look at natural hair color on children. Natural hair color contains more than 1, 2 or 3 colors.

If it is the look of Natural Hair Color you are aiming for, then be prepared to be pampered with several custom forumulated hair colors placed onto your hair using Foils and/or Hand Application (Balayage) techniques.

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Going to Gray hair
Going to Gray

Master Hair Colorist, Sharon Sovinski pulls out her Magic Wand when it's time to take a Hair Client to her natural shades of Gray.

Needing only one inch (minimum) of new growth, the "old" /previously colored hair can be newly colored / recreated to match the combination of grays and platinums, steels and silvers present in the natural graying hair. Truly a magical process.

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Top Ten Hair Dressers
Hair Color Correction

Correcting Hair Color is in itself an Artform. With due diligience and a continued committment to salvage hair and retain and implement sheen and health, Master Colorist, Sharon Sovinski, has been known to pain-stakingly help Clients of all ages SAVE their hair!

Whether it be black regrowth, orange bands, "pigmented" bands, white frail highlights or a combination of ALL of the wild variables of hair color that needs completely redesigned, IF you NEED Hair Color Corrected then there is only one Colorist for YOU - Sharon Sovinski!

Elle Magazine's Editor new what she was doing when she located Sharon and asked if Sharon would like to be included amongst the Top Ten "Masters of MakeOvers".
Sharon accepted.

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Hair Modeling West Palm Beach FL
Hair Modeling

Ready for a BIG CHANGE and ready to SAVE some money?

It is highly suggested you ask about becoming a Hair Model for one of Sharon Sovinski's hair videos. Of course, you hand over the rights for Sharon to use your image anywhere she wants. From Youtube to educational video products, if you are READY, then let the FUN begin by signing the Model Agreement form.

Hair Models, please contact Sharon Sovinski.