Hair Artist, Sharon Sovinski on Designing Hair Cuts

With over 11 million views on YouTube, it's obvious that Celebrity Hair Artist, Sharon Sovinski absolutely loves creating her magic by designing personalized Hair Shapes.

Through the Art of Cutting Hair, desired Hair Shapes, unique in their own creation, tailor-made to fit the Hair Client's Hair and image, combines the Artist's knowledge of hair, dimension, and the technical skill in using a wide array of Hair Cutting techniques using select Hair Cutting tools.

Here are several unique descriptions of different Hair Cutting Shapes resulting from select techniques and tools.

"The knowledge and skill in using the right tool, correctly, creates the desired, resulting Hair Shape. That is, in the most simplified description, the Art of Cutting Hair!" Sharon Sovinski

"Hair Architecture," as Sharon describes, "is the combination of creating a new dimension to the shape of hair using different techniques in combination with different tools to create the results desired by the Hair Client. To help the Hair Client achieve the new look, is, to me, true ART. It's Magic.. It's Beauty. It's the Art of Cutting Hair!" Sharon Sovinski.