30 minute Hair Consultation by Sharon Sovinski

A 30 minute Hair Consultation in designed to best service he new Hair Client who is requesting change(s) to the existing hair  shape, and/or change(s) to the existing Hair Color(s).

As described through these web pages, Hair Artist, Sharon Sovinski offers a wide range of Hair Cutting and Hair Coloring Services. Sharon is world renowned for her results achieved in the Arts of Cutting Hair and Coloring Hair. Sharon's success is due to her knowledge, technical skills and customized application techniques for both Hair Designing and Hair Coloring.

During the 30 minute consultation Sharon will walk you through what needs to be done in order to achieve the hair cutting and/or hair coloring results you desire.

The decisions are made based on your past hair service(s), the existing condition and health of your hair, existing texture, existing hair shape, and existing Hair Color(s).

Sharon will also thoroughly explain what technique(s), and/or application(s) *may be required to obtain the desired hair shape and/or hair color(s) result(s).

The result of the 30 minute consultation is a mutual understanding as to what exactly needs to be done to achieve the desired hair shape and/or hair color(s) result(s).

Sharon's 30 minute hair consultation educates the Hair Client on what it takes on both your behalf and Sharon's part as the Hair Artist / Corrective Hair Color Specialist.

We welcome you to the 30 minute hair consultation

Feel free to contact Sharon to reserve your consultation.

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